This site is intended to offer genome data from many sources, including genome, transcriptome and proteome data from the European eel (A. anguilla) and Japanese eel (A. japonica) .


Other published genomes:  Carpgenome

For more information about custom de novo genome assembly and transcriptome deep sequencing projects, please visit the ZF-genomics website.

Welcome to the eelgenome website


The paper that describes the (nanopore) sequencing and assembly of a new A. anguilla genome using the TULIP assembler is now available on bioRxiv.

The TULIP code can be found on Github

Our paper on the European eel's Hox clusters has been published in PlosOne! (pdf)

Our paper on the genome sequence of the Japanese eel has been publiched in GENE (link)!



Assembly using nanopore data

This download accompanies our paper in bioRxiv and is purely made available in support of this paper. In the near future we intend to further improve the European eel genome and any analysis on this version is strongly discouraged. We also reserve the right to publish an extensive analysis on this and the final version of this genome to the members of the consortium that financed this effort. This doesn't rule out any collaborations so get in touch if you are interested in working with us on eel genomics. Please contact Ron Dirks for more information.

A. anguilla genome Racon- and Pilon-corrected candidate assembly (Anguilla_anguilla_assembly_racon_and_pilon_corrected.fasta) (mirror)


Assemblies using Illumina data



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