We have built up extensive experience with complex genome assemblies and mRNAseq transcriptome analysis. More details on our experience is available under portfolio. We can offer the following services at competitive pricing and short turnaround times:

- Genome assembly

- Transcriptome profiling

- Bioinformatics


We use Illumina and Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology for de novo genome projects and transcriptome profiling

Download here a pdf with a complete overview of our products and services.


We offer complete solutions for your genome projects, from DNA isolation to publication:

  • DNA extraction from cells, tissues and organs
  • Custum sequencing strategies using different platforms (Illumina, PacBio).
  • Complete genome assembly from contigs to scaffolds and genetic maps using custom made software
  • De novo assembly of bacterial genomes
  • De novo assembly of > 1 Gb genomes (e.g. vertebrates)
  • Reference assembly (re-sequencing) of genomes, SNPs
  • ChIP-Seq analysis



We can provide you with an unprecedented and unbiased map of your transcriptome, even at single-cell level. This includes: cDNAs obtained at the push of a button; you can see how much your cell line really produces and where your transgene is located; you can see which microRNAs are expressed. Quantitative expression data over 6 orders of magnitude is also feasible. The following  types of analysis can be performed:

  • RNA extraction from cells, tissues and organs
  • Standard Illumina mRNAseq library preparation from > 100 ng total RNA
  • “Ultra low” mRNAseq library preparation from < 1 ng of input RNA (e.g. FACS-sorted cells)
  • microRNA profiling
  • NanoCage technology for mapping transcription start sites
  • Multiplexing of up to 96 samples



  • Routine transcriptome analysis (RPKM, DESeq)

  • De novo assembly and BLAST analysis of cDNA contigs from Illumina reads

  • Genome assembly: de novo contigs, scaffolding, gene annotation, gene prediction

  • Custom solutions