ParaFishControl aims to improve our understanding of fish-parasite interactions and will develop innovative solutions and tools to diagnose, prevent, control and mitigate the most harmful parasites which affect the main fish species farmed in Europe including Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout,common carp, turbot, European sea bass, and gilthead sea bream.


is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions funded by the EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020. The project brings together experts from inter-disciplinary fields of expertise ranging from molecular biology to social sciences and runs for 4 years from January 2015.

The main objectives of IMPRESS are:

  • To develop innovative production strategies for the conservation and management of endangered freshwater fish species
  • To train a new generation of researchers with multi-disciplinary skills needed in the emerging field of reintroduction biology